Sleep in Aalborg:
Aalborg Airport Hotel

Staying at Aalborg Airport Hotel has definitely got to be one of my most random trip considering that we weren’t using the airport at all. Basically, we got to stay at this hotel because we were redeeming a complimentary night from a gift voucher and the Aalborg Airport Hotel was one of our options.

At a glance, this hotel was built simply to aid early flight passengers, business travellers, cabin crews and basically anyone needing to use the airport. However, with its close proximity to the city centre of Aalborg (just a short bus ride away), it’s actually feasible to be staying here on a trip to explore Aalborg.

Despite the hotel being really basic, both the architecture and interior design of the hotel is quite nice. I guess that’s the interesting thing about Scandinavian hotels. As long as they are styled in typical modern Scandinavian fashion, they can never seem to go wrong. It’s like the lowest benchmark in Scandinavian design is still one of the highest elsewhere, making even their most budget hotels look stylishly designed.

Since the hotel was designed for short, overnight stays in mind, they don’t really have a lot of facilities or amenities. The room itself has enough space but not exactly large. The bathroom is a rather small but complete with a nice standing shower (with hot water!).

The room also seemed to be pretty well soundproofed as we rarely heard any external sound. Occasionally, there were the rumblings of planes’ movements but it really didn’t become a hindrance probably due to the good soundproofing.

The breakfast buffet was also served with a small selection of cold and warm dishes. All in all, we definitely had a good night sleep and a nice short stay in Aalborg and at this hotel!