Eat in Rotterdam:
Brunch Spot at Picknick

Sometimes, a cafe can seem to try too hard with their interior design, menu and even staff, making the entire place seemingly unwelcoming where all you get is discomfort (because you don’t feel like you fit in), tasteless and often expensive food (because the people behind are more involved with the cafe’s image than the most important thing – the food). At first glance, Picknick may seem a bit hipster with its semi-raw industrial interior design and a bunch of random knick knacks. However, it’s nothing pretentious at all.

Firstly, the place was welcoming. The staff were warm and nice. The crowd is a mixture of all age group (so I didn’t feel like I was too uncool to dine there). Also, potted plants and casual furniture were used all over the place which gives off a very down-to-earth and friendly vibe.

Next, the food is really good, which is also the most important thing. Initially, we planned to have lunch here but found out that all-day breakfast and lunch is served from 8 am to 4.30pm. If there’s anything more exciting than eating breakfast during breakfast hours, it is to be eating it after breakfast hours. For some reason, all-day breakfasts always sound so exciting, especially those with a full platter of everything.

I ordered the breakfast of champions and a coffee to go alongThe food was served nicely on an ontbijtplank (one of those wooden plates that’s really more of a kitchen cutting board) and it not only looked good but was also delicious. Also, fear not if you don’t read Dutch as they provide full English menus. Otherwise, you could always look for one of the many helpful (and probably good looking) staff to help you out!