CoWork in Singapore:
Get Work Done at The Clubhouse

Located at China Court in China Square Central, The Clubhouse is actually a pretty innovative co-working concept space that’s accessible by anyone who needs to get work done. No memberships nor sign ups required. Free wifi and wall sockets (in selected corners) are also available. The space itself is nicely designed – high ceilings, airy light space with a good dosage of greens within the area that’s soothing to the eyes. While you’ll probably get uninterrupted time working here throughout the day, lunch time could get a bit noisier since the area is pretty open and there’s a connecting food court of some sort nearby.

The idea is simply that this space is a real showroom for BW Furniture. Pretty smart to double up their showroom for an additional usage if not to allow potential buyers to spend (unlimited) time with the furniture before deciding.

The clubhouse is actually an extension located behind the main restaurant – Club Meatballs, where they have huge menus of breakfast, lunch, and dinner ranging from granola to meatball subs and various tapas options. By working at the clubhouse, you’ll have the front seat to these food options as well as their freshly roasted coffee, all day long.