Eat in Amsterdam:
Casual Italian Dining at Pasta Pasta

I’m rather skeptical about most of the food places situated around the Amsterdam Red Light District as a lot of them either look rundown, shady, or just blatant tourist traps selling at high prices for low-quality food.

At first, we too were not convinced by Pasta Pasta, so we decided to keep walking to try and find something good but gave up after the hunger pangs strike from rounds of walking about (almost 11 pm by then). We decided to go with our instinct and try Pasta Pasta out and I am thankful that we did!

Pasta Pasta is a casual and affordable Italian dining place that serves… you guessed it, Pasta. One feature about this place is that you get to customize your pasta to the way you want it. The ordering process is easy. Pick a pasta sauce, followed by topping and your desired pasta choice. Within minutes after payment, you get your fresh and delicious pasta… at a really affordable price. Another plus point is that Pasta Pasta operates well into the night, which serves as an awesome late-night dining to-go place or after your fancy business in the Red Light District.

The vibe in the restaurant is casual and suitable for both small and large groups coming in for a quick pasta meal. Also, the store is nicely decorated with wall murals, pasta in jars as decor, potted plants and feels really cozy with its slightly dimmed orange lighting.