Eat in Dublin:
Fish & Chips at The Fryery

Housed on the first floor of a brick building that frankly doesn’t stand out too much, The Fryery is a happy little nautical gem for fish & chips lovers. Don’t mind the tiny little store because The Fryery serves great, great food in really big portions (and affordable prices)!

While I wouldn’t call the Fryery a “designy” place, it does have a pretty cute nautical theme around the store and branding.

Unlike many fast food places where the food is usually pre-cooked and placed on the shelves, ready to be ordered and packed away, The Fryery makes their food upon orders. With that, customers are guaranteed fresh, hot and crispy food takeaways.

For those who can’t wait to sink your teeth into The Fryery’s delicacies, the tiny store has a few seats and a wall-mounted table for customers to dine in. However, with the popularity of The Fryery, I’d say it’s pretty hard to grab those seats (we waited for a long while and still didn’t get our chance) so be prepared to order your food to-go instead! Otherwise, The Fryery also has online delivery if you’d prefer to have hot, fresh, crispy Fish & Chips served to your doorstep/hotel-step/hostel-step the next time you’re in Dublin!