Eat in Stockholm:
Bagel Burgers Indulgence at Bagel Street Café

I’ll admit, Bagel Street Café first caught my eye because of its bold typography and black signage. After a closer look at their menu and realizing that they sell a variety of “bagel burgers“, we decided to give it a try!

For my bagel burger, I had the sushi bagel and that was awesome. Picture fresh, tasty smoked salmon. A lot of them. Yes, and complete with fresh vegetables and avocado among other toppings.  The ingredients were basically overflowing from that donut-shaped toasted bagels and I really loved it like that. Although, I feel that the price is a little on the higher end for a bagel burger lunch.

To date, the Bagel Street Café have already opened several branches around Stockholm (and even one in Malmö)  so it should be easy to locate either one of them when visiting central Stockholm.