Eat in Stockholm:
Soak in the vibrancy of Café Foam

Café FOAM was designed by Swedish designers from Note design studio. The café is designed with striking and vibrant colors, bold mixture of different materials, edgy lines, funky lamps and modern designer chairs from Add Interior, which makes sure that you’ll either love the place or hate the place but you’ll never leave without an impression or opinion.

While the hot pink might make the place seem a bit feminine, the mixture of that with the raw industrial walls and modern Scandinavian furnishing creates a good balance of not being gender-specific and yet retaining the coziness of the place.

The cafe is connected and separated into two parts with the “pink” room being a slightly dimmed and intimate corner for gatherings with its low chairs, tables, and cushions while the other section is a brighter space with higher tables and chairs that are suited for full meals and work-related businesses done.

I had and enjoyed my big cup of overflowing Varm Choklad (hot chocolate) complete with cream, tiny little colorful marshmallows, and chocolate syrup.