Eat in Munich:
Healthy Bites at Bite Delight

While Munich has no lack of gastronomical restaurants and eateries, partly thanks to the beer halls and hearty, delicious Bavarian cuisine, finding one that is dedicated to serving only healthy food can be quite a challenge.

With that, Bite Delight is a good solution as a daily, to-go place for casual healthy delicacies. Whether it’s breakfasts, tea breaks, lunches, desserts and even snacks, Bite Delight caters to all with one common theme – a healthy diet. Their promise is that everything on the menu contains at least one type of power food, they are all freshly prepared every day and are made from natural ingredients without preservatives.

On a whole, Bite Delight seems like a grab-and-go place with its huge open fridge, filled with ready-made food. However, the interior design of Bite Delight is actually pretty nice and cozy. Thus, it’s definitely also a great and casual place to dine in and chill for a bit.

As much as I’d like to try more varieties – including smoothies, soups, dips, pots, and salad – from the menu, I only had room for one item since it was between meal times, so I went with the classic Açaí bowl, which did not disappoint.

Many Açaí bowls I’ve tried are blended with lots of frozen ingredients, resulting in a more sorbet-like texture. Whereas, the one here at Bite Delight is more of the smoothie type with a richer, creamier and less frozen blend. That was refreshing, to say the least. The toppings were also very generous and it didn’t hurt that they were so beautifully crafted on the bowl.

All in all, while Bite Delight doesn’t exactly scream homely, it is a pretty nice and casual place to visit for some wholesome, healthy treats especially if you’re feeling guilty from all that amazing Bavarian food!

Bite Delight currently has two stores which are both located in the Munich city center in Germany.