Eat in Eindhoven:
Steakhouse Dinner at Ribs Factory

Dining out in Western Europe is generally considered a pretty expensive affair. I’m guessing it’s due to the whole dining out culture with the full meal courses and wine pairings that come with a full waiting staff service (on top of the chefs at work), which typically adds to the cost of the meal due to the staffs’ wages by the law for the people.

Therefore, I’m usually thrilled when I find some casual dining places which doesn’t just take away the hefty prices but also the pressure of being in an upscale restaurant and being served all the time. I know, it seems like a weird thing to say but sometimes it’s just really nice to be able to eat in a fuss-free casual dining place where you can comfortably walk in, eat and leave without too much pressure on being served or to act (or dress) in a certain way.

Most importantly and of course, the food itself should be justifiable by its price, which was how I feel at the Ribs Factory in Eindhoven, Netherlands. I spent a couple of weeks there earlier this year and found that we always ran out of food to eat mainly because we didn’t really know any better about where to eat.

After knowing about the Ribs Factory online, we basically went there every week. It’s an affordable place with great ribs and fries, along with a whole lot of other items on their menu (which strangely, I never tried). Also, they have the daily specials such as €10 ribs on every Monday & Tuesday, which is a really great deal!

The vibe in the restaurant is laid-back and casual with semi-dimmed lighting and comfortable long table booth options for larger groups. The music playing in the background is not too loud so it’s a really nice place to sit around, have some great food and chat away with friends without burning a hole in the pocket!