Eat in London:
Healthy, Fusion Fast-Food at Itsu

Started in 1997, Itsu is the second baby behind the founder of Pret-A-Manger (a fast-food chain famous for its organic and all natural food) that is fast growing and currently spanning more than 50 outlets in London itself.

Initially, Itsu wanted to stand out as a worthy Japanese restaurant at a time where there weren’t many quality yet inexpensive Japanese restaurants around London. Over the years, due to the high demands of healthy lunchtime takeaways, Itsu began to expand itself into stores of fresh and healthy takeaways for people on-the-go while not forgetting people who’d like to take a moment to sit in and enjoy their food in Itsu’s many well-designed and decorated stores all over central London.

Today, the Itsu chain continues to rise in popularity with its wide variety of delicious, on-the-go food that is nutritious and low in calories. In a continent where Asian cuisine is somewhat (still) generally pretty badly represented, Itsu remains as a great outlet for delicious, hearty Japanese/Asian food despite their rather fusion menu.