Food Shopping in London:
As Nature Intended

As nature intended is a food retail chain spanning several locations across London with a huge focus on organic and high-quality products. Their stocks range from daily essentials to the full suite of (around 80%) certified organic groceries including alcohol, “free from” foods and baby products containing the highest quality of natural ingredients. With that, customers can easily do their weekly “green” kitchen shopping all under one roof instead of having to hop around different stores since most supermarkets/health stores are still pretty limited in their organic and natural goods.

In this day and age where it’s so difficult to get an overview of which food products we should or shouldn’t consume due to their harmful chemicals, impurities and sources of origin, these organic food stores help to provide a level of filter by curating these clean/green products so that we don’t have to crack our brain sifting through every product packaging and can focus on having a good shopping experience instead.

Granted, organic food stores are probably a lot more expensive than regular food stores but I guess that’s the price to pay for pursuing a more organic, healthier lifestyle!