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Terminal 21

Terminal 21 is a relatively new mall that was opened in October 2011. Located just a few minutes walk away from the Asoke BTS, the mall is really convenient and easy to get to.

Hyper/gigantic shopping malls are not new to Bangkok and while Terminal 21 doesn’t have the best or comprehensive shops, the mall was designed with a different theme on every level and the concept revolves around the different market streets around the world.

As much as I’d like to be a round-the-clock jet-setter, it’s impossible to be hopping around cities and countries within the span of a day, due to both financial reasons and well, flight constraints. Therefore, while I continue to wait for hyper-hyper speed planes to be designed and a fuller bank account, Terminal 21 is a good place to experience a taste of the different countries right within one mall.

If you’re feeling a bit beachy and would like to feel some sea/sand/sun, head to the basement where the entire floor is Caribbean themed. Then roam the streets of Rome, Paris, London, Istanbul and experience a little bit of San Francisco and the glamour of Hollywood as you go up the levels while making sure that your tummy gets filled (since there are a lot of restaurants and food stores located in the mall) and do some shopping!

Oh, and being a huge, huge fan of the popular seaweeds Tao Kae Noi, you have no idea how bright my eyes lighted up when I saw that they have a full store dedicated to selling the Tao Kae Noi seaweeds (and a bunch of other snacking goodies) on the basement floor.

Also, I think it’s really fun that they include an arrival/departure sign at the start/end of the main escalators to complete the experience of entering/departing a location. Finally, don’t miss out on the toilets! I didn’t have enough time to explore all the toilets (I know how crazy it sounds) but would really like to since they were all in various different themes which just add to the fun of this awesome shopping mall.