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World’s Largest IKEA (Kungens Kurva)

IKEA is essentially known to every household. Whether it’s some furnishing for your home, small hobby projects, the need to fill your tummy with affordable, delicious Swedish cuisine (and some localized dishes in specific countries) or just to spend a day out with the family or friends, there’s a good chance you’ll think of IKEA.

The signature of IKEA stores is always their unmissable huge Swedish (blue and yellow) colors as well as their guided and very, very decorated showrooms.

So, how does the world’s largest IKEA store in Stockholm fare? Well, it’s definitely something different. IKEA Kungens Kurva – just a short (free) shuttle bus ride away from downtown Stockholm – offers something a little different for its customers.

Besides the gigantic range of products and the usual cafeteria with their food, the shopping experience in this IKEA is “circular” instead of the usual route. That’s right. The main building is circular so you’ll literally be walking in circles. Besides that, there are also cafeterias on every level with one in particular just for kids, complete with tiny tables and chairs and kid’s meals!