See in Warsaw:
Light Up at The Neon Muzeum

Like a fat kid entering a burger joint and finding his little piece of heaven, the Neon Museum in Warsaw was my little piece of heaven. It’s not the most hyped or glamorous attraction in Warsaw but it’s a little space that commemorates the combination of Type and Lights, two of my favorite things as a visual designer.

Located in the Soho Factory within the Praga district of Warsaw (which is fast becoming the creative hub of Warsaw with a lot of focus on the arts and culture), the Neon Museum strives to preserve and restore the unique works of these beautiful neon signs that were mostly from the 60s and 70s when Poland was going through the cold war.

We spent a couple of hours in this little museum because it was just beautiful. There weren’t many visitors while we were there, so it was very quiet. We could even hear the buzzing sounds from the signs due to their high voltage current, which made the experience even more interesting. Also, beyond seeing these beautiful neon works as just “lights” or “character blocks”, it’s fascinating to see how graphic and industrial designers come together to bring pieces of 2D typography work to life. Just imagine the kind of expertise these creators have for precision neon glass bending!

It’s a pity that neon signs are fading away in a lot of places and are replaced by digital elements. Don’t get me wrong, I love and live digital. But sometimes, you just can’t deny the beauty of these crafts (where everyone of them is uniquely different) that can only be made with dedication and the work of true skills from bare hands.