Take Me To:
Poda Island, Krabi

There’s no shortage of beautiful islands in Thailand. Phuket, Pattaya, Koh Samui and the likes. While I absolutely love beautiful hotels, it’s hard to deny that these commercial avenues have somewhat affected the natural beauty of Thailand in many ways.

Also, with the influx and injection of tourists, visitors and foreign cultures in Thailand over the past few decades, many of these islands have become designated places to visit for different purposes. For example, one may visit Koh Samui for more honeymoon-related adventures or Phuket/Pattaya for wild parties (and/or sex tourism) and whatnot.

In the pursuit of these commercially designed and “man-made adventures”, it’s easy to overlook the beautiful islands for what they once were – paradise on earth.

Don’t get me wrong, I respect and continue to enjoy these islands for what they are known for. However, something about visiting an untouched location, knowing that it’s still largely uninhibited and “not tainted” by commercial reasons is pretty comforting.

That is quite the case for Poda Island (or Koh Poda). Located just about 8km and a short boat ride away from Ao Nang, Krabi, Poda Island is a

small limestone island that’s part of the Poda Group Islands (Mu Ko Poda) which includes three other even smaller islets. Despite the rather tiny size of Poda Island, it’s still the largest out of the four.

There aren’t any commercial hotels in Poda Island except for some really local bungalows if you’d like to stay the night here. There also aren’t restaurants after restaurants lined up on the beach enticing you with their seafood delicacies except for perhaps one main beach bar for some drinks.

That being said, Poda Island is still quite popular with tourists coming mostly from Ao Nang. However, most visitors tend to just hang/snorkel around the area where the long tail boats and speedboats are parked. Therefore, if you’re willing to walk further and explore a bit around the island, which you totally should because the island has gorgeous rock formations, you’ll definitely be able to find a private spot of the gorgeous beach for your own enjoyment.

While exploring the island, we actually bumped into visitors who claimed to have returned to this island for more than a decade consecutively because they are absolutely in love with the serenity and beauty of this island.

Although, in all honesty, if you’re the kind who is looking for parties, extreme water sports and whatnot, Poda Island may not be right for you as there really isn’t that much to do around here (though you can snorkel around).

But that’s really the beauty of this island. The fact that it’s still largely uninhibited (commercially), the fact that you can almost definitely find quiet spots to just enjoy the soft sand, clear water and the serene sound of sea waves. Oh, don’t forget to sip some coconuts!