Sleep in The Hague:
The Student Hotel

It’s all in the name. The student hotel is a rather new (and hip!) concept that’s catered to, well, students and other young people. The concept loosely resembles chic and well-designed short-term hostels but only offering private accommodation to both short-staying visitors and students in the city looking for semestral stays. Initially, the student hotel started with locations within The Netherlands but have since expanded to Paris and Barcelona.

The public areas and facilities are delightfully designed and furnished in bright, bold and colourful styles, giving off a very cheerful vibe overall and yet, not scrimping on comfort. There are plenty of cosy corners for guests to relax or plug in and get work done without distraction. Of course, Wifi is provided everywhere within the premise.

My stay at the executive room was pretty comfortable and has all the basic features a student or any young traveller would need. However, I think the room’s interior design pales in comparison to the beautiful common areas. Although, The Student Hotel brands itself as a budget space so I guess the low-cost meant something has to go.

What really score here (besides the low prices) are the facilities & environment of the hotel. Besides a gym, self-laundry services, bike rentals, meeting rooms and whatnot, the best part is still the beautifully designed open area.

During my stay here on a weekend, there was an outdoor BBQ/party going on right downstairs, so it was a little noisy for the night. Therefore, staying here might not be the best decision if you prefer quiet nights especially on weekends.

All in all, the Student Hotel is a great choice for the energetic budget traveller who’d prefer staying at a hotel than a hostel and a chance to mingle with other like-minded guests.