Too often, we’re being told what to do – even down to traveling. There’s always someone, somewhere telling you how and where you should go (otherwise you’re missing out). After too many jaded trips based on too many “50 places you must visit before you die” articles, we’ve decided that it’s enough.

Yes, we want to be informed but not sold into crazy ideas of traveling and ending up in places we would never really enjoy. We want to be surprised and to be able to make our own decisions on where we would love to go and how we should enjoy it. We believe traveling is a journey that is unique to every individual.

With that, Artelounge strives to explore the different realms and adventures in travel, curating places and stories that excite us, so that we can inform you on the beautiful happenings out there and inspire you to take on your next trip – without any pressure.

Sincerely written from first-hand experiences, accompanied by photographs and memories captured from everywhere.

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Behind The Space

Yeeling Chua

Founder + Editor
Born and bred in Singapore, I am a 26-year old digital designer who is currently working on my own design studio. I jumped on my first solo trip to Australia in 2012 and a 3-months backpacking trip in Europe after leaving a full-time job back in 2013 and began building a career around working remotely ever since.

Now, work has given me the freedom to travel pretty much half the time. Over the years, I’ve collected a lot of memories and amassed plenty of photographs which would be a pity if they never got to see the light of day. So, here we are!

Iann Ethel

Social Media & Communications Executive
I’m your not-so-conservative Singaporean girl who is always packing for my impromptu 3-day trips and spontaneous solo escapades. I have an insatiable appetite for travel, food and fashion.

I’m never seen without my phone and I enjoy being constantly connected on social media. I love sharing snippets from different locations and life’s little moments. Nothing excites me more, so here’s to many more memories. Connect with me on Instagram! X. ‬