Sleep in Copenhagen:
Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers

When visiting Copenhagen, staying at the Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers may seem like an odd choice since it’s a good distance away from the main magic in Copenhagen’s historical downtown. However, there are actually a few reasons why we specifically chose to stay in this hotel.


Firstly, while the hotel looks nothing green at all, it is built with a concept of being (very) green in mind. The building’s exterior itself is made entirely of energy-absorbing panels, which allows the building to generate up to 170,000 kWh of power annually. Also, the building is powered by a groundwater system that cools down during the summer and heats up during the winter which ultimately uses a lot less energy than most other traditional methods.

With the towers located so near to the Copenhagen Kastrup airport and providing free shuttle buses to and from the airport, this hotel is easily seen as an airport hotel for overnight transits and whatnot. Besides the close proximity to the airport, the hotel is also right next to Field’s, the largest mall in Denmark and one the largest in the whole of Scandinavia. Technically, you have everything you need despite not located downtown. Being away from the main area also ensures a quiet and really peaceful stay. Also, the hotel is located opposite a metro station so it’ll probably take 5-10 minutes to get to downtown.

One of the primary reason we stayed here (it was during New Year’s Eve) was because we wanted to be high enough and far away from the main downtown square during midnight so that we can get a panoramic view of the fireworks from a distance. As you know, there aren’t many tall towers in Copenhagen, especially not in the city center so the Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers became a prime choice.

The other main reason we chose to stay here is simply because we really like the modern Danish designs (both architecture and interior) and decided to be surrounded by it in this whole area – Orestad (which is still quite new and upcoming).

The Deluxe Room

The room is beautifully designed in the signature nordic style with clean and minimalistic features. Surprisingly, the room is quite spacious with enough space for a full king sized bed on the side and lounging/luggage area on the other side. Also, due to the white walls, wide windows and minimal look, the room appears to look even more spacious and airy.

Another thing worth mentioning is definitely the bed. It is plush and so, so comfortable!

Amenities & Room Features

With that amazingly comfortable bed around, I don’t know why anyone would need help falling asleep. However, if you do, the room provides two complimentary solutions that are the pillow spray and a roller by this works that helps to minimise insomnia for a better night’s sleep.

Of course, you’ll also find the standard coffee and tea making facilities that don’t scrimp on quantity.

Also, to go hand-in-hand with the green concept of the hotel/building, the shower amenities such as shampoo bottles and other packaging are all made of biodegradable starch and branded in-house (but are still in pretty good quality).


Honestly, the hotel gives a more business feel than a personal/leisure feel. I mean, they also have 12 meeting rooms and can house 800 guests in their largest meeting room, so this hotel is definitely built with business in mind.

Although, if you don’t mind the business vibe, a stay here will probably always ensure a quiet, good night sleep in one of the happiest (albeit also one of the most expensive) city that’s highly driven by good, modern design.