Eat in London:
Ze best wurst at Herman Ze German

While walking down Old Compton Street in SoHo London, we stumbled upon Herman Ze German, a casual german dining place. The logo, the signage and even the name itself, along with the sudden urge for German cuisine (you know the sort of craving you never knew you had but it suddenly strikes the moment you see it) made it impossible not to enterWell, I mostly blame the ridiculously fun branding on this store for making us enter without hesitation.

Herman Ze German serves really good German food and authentic German beers. We had the Schnitzel, which came in really huge portions, complete with a lot of fries (Pommes) and a side salad.

We walked out of the store with a full tummy, a good giggle from the fun brand and of course, agreeing with their “Our Wurst Is Ze Best” tagline. Although, I did not have the wurst, but what the hell, I’m sure it’ll be good!