Eat in Singapore:
Heartland Dessert at Twenty Grammes

While cafe culture is not new, Singapore has seen an explosion of “concept” cafes in recent years. More often than not, these cafes offer more than just a good cup of joe and the term cafe-hopping is becoming one of many Singaporeans’ pastimes.

Sure, cafe-hopping is fun, but one downside was that a lot of these fancy cafes are situated in downtown central areas and commercial locations, making it a bit of a hassle for those that are tucked away in the heartlands to travel down (especially on a crowded weekend, which frankly, is every week) for a quiet, relaxing time. Regardless, that’s becoming history as more of these nice, fancy cafes are starting to pop up in the heartlands!

Originally, Twenty Grammes started its first outlet in North Bridge Road but have thus expanded and opened their second location in Ang Mo Kio – one of the best and most developed heartland areas (and where I grew up in).

The cafe is a cozy little spot that’s covered in raw, industrial walls with very minimal-looking furniture and decor. Every corner serves as a good photo spot that’s perfect for Instagrammers.

Twenty Grammes seem to be known for their varied and outrageous ice-cream flavors, including Earl Grey and Thai Red Tea ice cream. To pair with the outrageous ice creams are equally creative waffles such as the Black Charcoal Waffles, which is one of the classic dishes at Twenty Grammes, where the waffle is usually paired with your own selection of ice-cream flavors and topped with a Salted Egg Yolk sauce – which seems to be a huge craze right now in Singapore, where plenty of food places are trying to reinvent their recipes to include some kind of salted egg infusion.

All in all, if you’re “cafe-hopping” around in Ang Mo Kio or would just like to explore your ice-cream taste buds, you might like to check out Twenty Grammes. Fret not if you’re not an ice-cream or waffles person as they also serve a delectable selection of cakes and other desserts.