Food Shopping in Amsterdam:
Farmers Direct Food at Marqt

While strolling around The Bank building in Amsterdam, we stumbled upon this beautifully branded grocery store – Marqt, which is a concept grocery store that was opened in 2010 and is what I ‘d like to call a “hipster supermarket”. Marqt houses free-range meat, sustainably harvested seafood, fresh produces that are brought directly from the farms and a lot of specially picked labels with a focus on healthy food. Currently, Marqt is available in several locations around Amsterdam and even other cities like The Hague and Rotterdam).

I really like how these groceries stores are making food shopping trendy with their cozy lighting, industrial-style design, and all that beautiful branding. In the end, I did not buy anything, but I had one hell of a time looking through the fresh, clean products. Mostly, I liked feeling like a cool supermarket-going kid.

For those who would like cleaner food options but are not looking to buy and cook, Marqt also has a bakery where their bread is freshly baked four times a day and a delicatessen with ready-made food!