Sleep in Johor Bahru:
DoubleTree Hilton

Previously, if you were visiting Johor Bahru from Singapore (without driving a car), it can be quite a hassle to navigate around. Thus, a lot of people tend to just cross the border and spend their day at City Square mall (which is directly connected to the customs) or anywhere within the proximity and then make it back to Singapore before the day ends.

If you do want to consider staying a night or two in Johor Bahru, trying to find a nice hotel around the Malaysian-Singapore border can be rather challenging, so the presence of DoubleTree by Hilton Johor Bahru kind of changes the game.

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotels Johor Bahru is located about 5 minutes walk from City Square mall, making it a prime spot for visitors who’d like to stay a night or two in Johor Bahru and still be within the vicinity and walking distances of the border malls and nearby neighborhoods.

Upon checking into the hotel, you’ll be served the famed doubletree cookies, which was warm and delicious! DoubleTree takes their cookies very seriously and is one of their pride of the hotel itself.

Unfortunately, our room wasn’t ready so we were asked to wait at the lounge area which included a full suite of beverages and snacks. Although, the wait ended up being more than an hour, which I think was a bit long, but the staff were all smiles and politeness so I’m not complaining.

Deluxe Guest Room

We stayed at one of their deluxe guest room at a floor that was high enough for us to get a city view. Granted, the view of Johor Bahru isn’t really that glorious considering most areas still seem to be rather undeveloped or still developing. Still, it was nice with a high floor and view.

The room itself is spacious with ample of room for luggage space and walking about. The best thing is definite the bed – plush, king-sized with fluffy pillows! Cleanliness at this hotel is also top-notch. Then again, it is relatively new so I wouldn’t expect anything less.

Hotel Features

The hotel has a fully equipped gym, outdoor pool and pool area that’s really quite nicely done, as well as a small Jacuzzi room with a view overlooking the Johor Bahru town and a steam room that’s located next to the pool.

All in all, it’s a great hotel for a weekend staycation that’s suited for everyone – business travelers, families, and even couples.