Eat in Hamburg:
Lattes & Cakes at Moki’s Goodies

Located between Eimsbüttel and Eppendorf of Hamburg, Moki’s Goodies is a great hideout for a cozy day with its dark walls, warm lighting, and wooden furnishings that makes the place very homely.

Initially, I wanted to visit Moki’s Goodies for their much-raved Açaí bowl as a teatime snack. However, they don’t serve smoothie bowls past brunch time, so I decided to sit in and have a little tea and cake. I’ll probably never forget Moki’s Goodies as it was where I decided to order my first ever Chai Latte (I know, I’ve been missing out for so long!). It is safe to say that I went nuts right after the first sip. It was so, so good!

For coffee lovers, the coffee selection at Moki’s Goodies comes from Elbgold – arguably the best coffee in Hamburg, so I imagine you won’t be disappointed. Moki’s Goodies also houses a selection of homemade cakes and other baked goodies. The cake I had was really pretty and delicious. I think it’s worth checking Moki’s Goodies out as their menu is actually pretty varied with lots of healthy and wholesome options.