Eat in London:
Street Food Gourmet at Borough Market

While London has so much to offer in so many aspects and in particular, food, it’s no secret that London is an expensive city. That’s why food markets are one of the best ways for anyone to experience gastronomy in a more economical and casual way.

Borough market is no doubt one of UK’s most popular, largest and oldest wholesale and retail gourmet food market. With stalls selling food ranging from fresh produce, cheeses to freshly baked pastries and street food, it’s an amazing place to try out different cuisines and food options.

Of course, it’s impossible to try everything at one go so definitely pick your options wisely! After much temptation, I settled with Le Marche du Quartier’s Duck Confit sandwich because they looked so good and turned out to be really delicious too. There were so much stuffing and the meat was really succulent!

We also had a portion of the Bomba Paella from the Furness Food Hut because we got tempted from that gigantic pan of live cooking paella on display. It was really flavorful with a lot of fresh ingredients.

For my dessert, I couldn’t resist a beautifully handmade brownie by The Cinnamon Tree Bakery. All in all, my tummy and I both agree that it was a beautiful day.

Best advice for visiting Borough Market – bring an empty stomach!