Eat in Kuala Lumpur:
Chocolate Indulgence at Mad about Coco

We stumbled upon this cafe while we were supposedly looking for a lunch place. Or rather, we were drawn to this cafe simply because of how cute the store looks. Sure, it’s not the most designer-looking place but it’s still hard to ignore the all over baby pink, blue and white ensemble, stripes and checkered patterns everywhere that scream kawaii! If the strikingly bright and cute decor doesn’t attract, the fact that this cafe is a heaven for chocoholics sure does the job.

As you enter the cafe, you’d really get a feel of how mad about coco they (whoever “they” may be) are, since it’s literally written on the walls. But I mean, studies have shown that chocolate indeed does something to our brain and makes us feel happier, so it’s certainly a good thing to be mad about.

Besides a (really) cute interior, Mad About Coco also has a huge menu that includes main courses such as pasta and whatnot. Although, they probably aren’t that popular for their main courses. We were also not that keen on anything besides their dessert menu, which includes a lot of variety. Obviously, most of their menu is designed towards all kinds of chocolatey indulgence.

After going through the menu and trying to decide between almost everything, we finally settled on I heart Churros, My French Cousin (if you’re confused, it’s a fancy French Toast dish) and the Innocent Devil Tiramisu Ball…which frankly isn’t that innocent considering how the liquid chocolate is poured onto the “ball”, melting it and coating the Tiramisu Cake. Ooh, sinful! (Yet, the kind of sin we definitely don’t mind committing). On another note, It’s kind of fun that they have these quirky names for their dishes, don’t you think?