Food Crush in Munich:
Creative flavors at Ballabeni ice-cream

Highly rated as one of the best ice-cream parlours in Munich, Ballabeni is a small ice-cream store located within the art district (or museum quarter) of Munich’s city centre.

Ballabeni is known for its creative flavors ranging from… I guess they don’t have a range since anything is possible! While the ice-cream servings are not big (actually really cute in their little scoops), the prices are really affordable so you can always get another serving or flavor if one’s not enough. Although, one is probably never enough. Also, the “biscuit bowl” that the ice-cream scoops are served on are absolutely adorable and very handy!

If you’re apprehensive about their creative flavors, you can always ask for a sample scoop before making the big decision. In fact, they even handed out samples for another flavor with your scoop as a little sneak preview.

Being a tiny ice-cream parlor on the corner, there aren’t any seats available but there are places to stand outside the shop, which you’ll see is what most customers do for their quick Ballabeni fix. If anytime you’re worried about locating this marvelous ice-cream store, just follow the queue!