Eat in Malacca:
Nostalgia at The Daily Fix

Nestled behind and only accessible through a vintage souvenir store, The Daily Fix is a true hidden gem (literally) in Malacca’s Jonker walk. In an area like Jonker walk, where most shops are either opened almost exclusively for tourists or passed down through generations with their traditional ways of doing businesses, it’s refreshing to enter a cafe like The Daily Fix to get a good dose of coffee, beverages and food in the modern fusion Western-Asian styles that we are all so into now.

The cafe was started by two young people who were inspired to bring the coffee and cafe culture into their hometown – Malacca and they’ve certainly done an excellent job with their menu, serving a ton of both savory and sweet delicacies as well as a good improvisation of their drinks menu with interesting beverages and smoothie blends that included the city’s signature Gula Melaka (palm sugar) ingredient.

Besides the menu, it’s also hard not to be attracted by this cafe’s interior decoration where the owners decided to retain the building’s heritage (from the 1800s), along with full sets of vintage furniture and various objects that were so commonly used by the generations from our yesteryears.

The artful setup of the cafe makes it a perfect location for Instagram lovers as every corner (and presentation of food/beverages) seem so Instagram-worthy! We didn’t order any food (although they look pretty good from our neighbours’ tables) but our ice-blended beverages were definitely yummy (and also nicely presented). All in all, this place is really cosy and ideal for a nice break after a long walk along Jonker street or simply just to unwind and spend the afternoon away.