Play in Copenhagen:
Field’s, Denmark’s Largest Mall

Field’s is the largest shopping mall in Denmark and one of the largest in Scandinavia with more than 140 retail shops and 20 cafés and restaurants. Given its close proximity to the Copenhagen Kastrup Airport (CPH), it’s also the ideal place to spend some time in if you have some extra hours to spare before an upcoming flight and even though the mall is not located in the downtown Copenhagen area, the Metro that’s right outside the mall takes you through to the downtown in just minutes.

You might wonder, why should you go to a mall when there are tons of outdoor shopping streets lined with beautiful fashion boutiques in Denmark? Well, I personally like shopping streets when the weather is good. However, when it’s cold outside, it’s nice to be indoors and still be able to browse through the different shops without freezing to death.

The other beauty of shopping malls lies in that you’re in a constrained space where you’ll always have access to a trusty mall directory so it’s harder to get lost and easier to narrow down the shops that you’d like to visit.

If you happen to visit Copenhagen while the weather is bad, Field’s come in as an ideal under-one-roof location to spend hours in, catch a movie and get your shopping done.