Play in Copenhagen:
The Blue Planet

Typically, an aquarium attracts animal and underwater world lovers, families and whatnot. However, in the case of this relatively new national aquarium of Copenhagen, Denmark, it also attracts Architecture fanatics with its stunning whirlpool design structure.

Den Blå Planet (The Blue Planet) is currently Northern Europe’s largest aquarium and is home to 20,000 fish and other aquatic animals within 53 aquariums. In total, the aquariums contain approximately seven million liters of water. There are various sections that showcase the different living habitat in rivers, ocean and lakes.

While Denmark used to have a different national aquarium, around 3,000 animals were moved to The Blue Planet’s site and around 17,000 new animals were added. Since The Blue Planet is quite new, don’t be surprised to see that the sharks and various animals are smaller and younger than you expected to see. The reason being that these animals were born and raised in the aquarium so that they can get used to living within the size of the aquarium instead of placing older animals from the open sea or other aquariums, which may be a lot tougher for them to adapt.

The Blue Planet is located near the Copenhagen Kastrup airport (just a stop or two metro stops away) and it’s almost impossible to miss if you’re flying into the airport because of the aquarium’s stunning architecture, especially from bird’s eye view.

Designed by the danish architectural studio 3XN, the building is inspired by the idea of the “shape of the water in endless motion”, thus the whirlpool design. I really like how the designers did not just created a building, but an environment with surrounding waters and greenery that also go with the concept for the actual building.

Since The Blue Planet is located next to the harbour, fishing activities can also be done. Otherwise, there’s also a cafeteria within the building and there’s always a ton of activities lined-up throughout the day for visitors to take part in. With that, The Blue Planet is a great place to spend the day at regardless of whether you’re a marine life lover, finding a place to spend the day with the kids or just like us, who basically wanted to visit because of the beautiful architectural design.