Play in Hamburg:
Miniatur Wunderland

This miniature wonderland is true to its name. It is a wonderland. Regardless of age and gender, this place has the ability to awestruck each and every visitor.

I’ve always liked visiting places where the real world is reimagined and recreated in various ways be it virtually or in toyhouse forms. Initially, I expected this museum to just be a place full of static miniature cities and settings that were created to portray scenarios and tell stories from another (potentially historical) time. I couldn’t be more wrong. The people at this Miniatur Wunderland definitely brought “toy making” to a whole new level and put everything else to shame.

The whole place is not exactly huge, but it certainly could get you stuck for hours and it’s no secret why. Aside from a small portion of stationary miniature buildings and “people”, most parts of the place connect to each other and operate as though they are fully functional, living ecosystems. There are people moving, dancing and going about their daily lives. There are trains that go from station to station, planes arriving and departing according to a live flight schedule and even the transition of cities from dusk to dawn.

The place is both entertaining to watch and educational in which visitors get an aerial view of how cities and transportation systems work and connect to each other. On top of it all, these miniature cities and settings were created with painstaking effort and details that the whole place just looks pretty damn awesome. Alps, roads, buildings, fire, water. You name it, they’ve probably got it. Everything was simply amazing. It’s also nice to know that the people there are constantly expanding the area with more cities and whatnot so we can always expect to see more miniature wonderlands.

All I can say is that texts and photographs cannot fully explain the wonders of this wonderland and it’s definitely worth paying a visit and seeing it in person.