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Hong Kong Disneyland Park

Disneyland is no doubt one of the happiest place on earth. All your favorite Disney characters, princesses and even villains in amazing fairy tales and whatnot, it is definitely a place to go and leave your worries behind. Originated in Anaheim, California, USA, Disneyland has since traveled and found home around the world and I’m more than glad that they landed in Asia.

Located a good distance away from the main hustle and bustle of Hong Kong’s crowded city center, Disneyland Hong Kong is situated on reclaimed land in Penny’s bay, Lantau Island. It is really easy to get here since they have an MTR station of their own (complete with Mickey Mouse windows and all that cuteness).

You have to admit that there’s a certain magic and warmth in walking down beautifully structured streets with instrumental music playing in the background and occurrences of a certain Disney prince, princess or maybe Mickey Mouse walking down waving or coming over and giving you a gigantic hug.

Back to the park itself, Disneyland Hong Kong (or perhaps most Disneylands for that matter) don’t exactly have the most exciting thrill rides and they tend to cater to more children and families than thrill seekers with their musical performances and colorful rides, but really, who cares? That’s the whole point – the magical Disney fantasy. Although, I must admit that it’s rather fun listening to Stich or Minnie Mouse converse in Cantonese since I grew up with the English version, but I guess that’s the fun in Disneyland Hong Kong.

For me, the most magical moments came after dark. From the moment we got ushered away from the Fantasyland castle (in preparation for the fireworks) to witnessing the fireworks above the castle, to walking down the Main Street USA, when all the street lamps were brightly lighted (still with those background music).

I understand that Disneyland is possibly one of the most touristic places on earth with a constant flow of tourists and locals, where some may avoid simply for the amount of crowd. Well, it is Disneyland after all.