Play in Rotterdam:
Miniworld Rotterdam

I’m absolutely crazy about all these miniature “worlds” after my trip to Miniature Wunderland in Hamburg. Upon knowing that Rotterdam also has a version of their own, I jumped at the opportunity and went when I had the chance.

In comparison, Miniworld Rotterdam is a lot smaller than Miniature Wunderland. Unlike Miniature Wunderland, where its focus expands beyond Germany to other parts of Europe and the world, Miniworld Rotterdam has quite a focus on highlighting the life in The Netherlands both from the past and present.

In a way, we get to travel through time and see an older side of Netherlands that doesn’t exist anymore due to post-war reconstruction and general modern day development. Also, while The Netherlands is a relatively small country, there’s still a ton of cities and towns to visit separately and Miniworld Rotterdam makes it easy to see some of the country’s best highlights.

While it’s fun to see gigantic structures remade into miniature models, I was actually more thrilled about the day to day lives of the people (and even animals) living in Miniworld Rotterdam itself. If anything, most of them seem to be having a good time – lounging by the beach, going on rides at the theme park and whatnot. Everything looks really adorable and down to detail! There’s even a concert complete with the Gangnam Style music video playing on the screen. The citizens of Miniworld sure know how to party!

If you look closely, you might also find things that “don’t belong” (such as spotting Teletubbies), which is what makes this place so much more fun. It’s also a really beautiful sight when the place slowly dims as “night” falls. The entire Miniworld lights up while trucks/trains still continue to run and operate.

All in all, Miniworld Rotterdam is yet another wonderful place for families to visit. No wait, actually we enjoyed it as much, so it’s definitely a place for all ages. It’s also an ideal place to visit when it’s cold or rainy outside or simply if you have a couple of hours to kill.