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Underground Gem at Café Dox

You may have heard of animal cafes, you may have seen themed cafes and you’ve probably been to one of those hipster cafes. Have you ever heard about an underground “cave” cafe? Here’s one that we found in the city of Stockholm, Sweden!

Located on the side of one of the many labyrinth narrow path of the old town (Gamla Stan), Cafe Dox is one of the several underground “cave” cafes in the area. Most areas of Gamla Stan is rather touristic and almost always crowded. However, this cafe is a true hidden gem being tucked away in a quiet corner and avoiding the mass crowd. Of course, this is not the place to expect the most modern interior design but those brick walls, granny chairs, and plush sofas, along with slightly dimmed orange lighting make this cafe one that you’d like to spend hours in.

The cafe also provides free Wi-Fi, which is kind of vital considering how you’d probably lose most of your mobile connection being underground and having your signal blocked by these thick brick walls.

Given the many different seating options with its high/low tables and whatnot, this place is obviously popular with both the laptop working crowds and those who would just like to come in, relax and sip a cup of coffee.