See in Malmö:
Turning Torso

Standing at 190 meters tall with 54 floors and 147 apartments, the Turning Torso is currently the tallest skyscraper in Scandinavia.

Designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, the Turning Torso is a neo-futurist residential building that has since turned more heads to the city of Malmö, Sweden by giving it a bang with not only such a tall and modern skyscraper (for European/Scandinavian standards) but also one with an interesting and intricate outlook.

While “twisted” skyscrapers are popping up in various cities in recent years, the Turning Torso is considered the first of its kind – completed in the year 2005. The design was actually based on a sculpture by the same architect, called the twisting torso which was inspired by a twisting human spine.

The actual building is really interestingly “twisted” and covered with an exoskeleton around that’s made of white steel tubes. The complete look is one that seems soft and organic (the twisting) and yet technical (the exoskeleton wrap), which I thought is really interesting.

More amazingly, it’s both a residential and office building. Imagine living inside such an architectural creation!

Malmö’s west city harbor itself is a constantly developing urban project with plenty of modern architecture in the pipeline. The Turning Torso definitely stands out as an iconic structure for the area (if not the whole city) and as an important ambassador of Europe/Scandinavia’s progressive (and beautiful) urban landscaping and modern architectural design!