Shop in Frankfurt:
Sculptural Glass Vortex at MyZeil

Opened in February 2009, MyZeil is a shopping mall located right in the center of Frankfurt am Main, Germany’s main shopping street, Zeil.

Zeil has been one of the most famous shopping streets in Germany since the end of the 19th century. Zeil was also known for its grand buildings. However, most of them were destroyed during the World War II and were not reconstructed. Today, the Zeil features plenty of modern shopping centers and commercial buildings of Frankfurt.

The mall itself has eight floors of shopping space and more than 100 shops of different categories. One special feature of this mall is that it houses the longest freestanding escalator in Europe at 48 meters long, which allows you go to from level one straight to level seven.

Designed by Roman architect Massimilano Fuksas, the mall is also covered in a stunning glass facade with a funnel-shaped construction that spirals inward into the center of the mall.

For a great view of Frankfurt and its skyscraper wonders, head to the rooftop patio (It’s free!)