Sleep in Bangkok:
Shanghai Mansion

Shanghai Mansion is a boutique hotel located in the center of Bangkok’s lively Chinatown. Despite its size and close proximity to all the wonders of Bangkok’s Chinatown – traffic, neon signs and street food, it’s amazing how the hotel retains its privacy and promises of undisturbed sleep.

Our experience at Shanghai Mansion was nothing short of perfect. Shanghai Mansion provides an intimate and retrospective experience of the olden days Shanghai, and the people behind the hotel strives to make this a complete experience. Every detail in the hotel is thorough and customized to its theme.

Upon check-in, guests are greeted with Chinese tea in these traditional Chinese porcelain tea sets and a wet towel, which served as a warm welcome and the start of a great experience. The staff also spoke understandable English and catered to all our needs with a smile and were always available.

Our room was conveniently located on the fifth floor, right next to the lift where a dim and decorated common area, complete with period furnishing awaits. The bigger suites are located on the lower floors where each suite comes with their own fenced patio that’s also furnished and decorated.

Mei Hua Room

The Mei Hua room was the smallest of all the selection but it was definitely enough for two people. Even though the king sized bed seemed a tad too big that it obstructed the room’s walkway a little from the door, I have no complaints since the bed was really comfortable and the traditional Chinese bed frame looked really fun. Although the room did not have any windows, there was a “fake” window right behind the bed that was complete with curtains and soft lighting. Also, the room was very sound proofed with thick walls, making it impossible to hear any noise from outside.

The bathroom was a visual delight with its bright colors and a decorated birdcage hanging from the ceiling. To compensate for the lack of space in the bathroom, a full-length mirror is also installed on the opposite wall of the shower, making the bathroom look a lot bigger. The shower amenities provided were also specially designed and packaged in a nice little pouch and I especially like that the shampoos and soaps were coconut infused and of great quality!

The Vibe

It should be noted that this hotel was clearly designed for couples in mind. Everything here is made for couples. The two pairs of bathroom slippers in different sizes, the satin bathrobe, the bed and the “intimate” lighting. Given the way the hotel is set up, I don’t think that it’s that suitable for families with young kids considering how there are hanging fragile paper lamps instead of ceiling/wall lights as well as the bed with the huge wooden frames.

Shanghai Mansion is a modern concept with the reinvention of romance from olden day Shanghai, providing a fun visual and unique staying experience for couples and travelers traveling to the warm and ever so cluttered city of Bangkok. All while assuring that guests will get their ample amount of privacy and quietness throughout their stay.