Sleep in Hamburg:
Superbude St. Pauli Hostel Hotel

Superbude St Pauli is genuinely a hidden gem that we stumbled upon just the day before. Located in St. Pauli – one of Hamburg’s most popular area that contains one the world’s top red light district “The Reeperbahn”, this rockstar hostel/hotel is ideal those looking to party hard in Hamburg.

However, the location is not just it. Superbude St. Pauli is also nicely designed and heavily decorated (in a good way) with the most random materials you could find and then turning the entire place into a hipster wonderland that seemed too cool for us. The design here is a crazy mixture of rockstar vibes, underground culture, retro vintage and bohemian. I can’t really pinpoint exactly what the style here is but whatever it is, the people are definitely doing it right and this is still one of the hippest and awesome hostels I’ve seen to date.

We stayed in a 4-bed “dorm”, which is really a spacious and stylishly designed room. There were no bunk beds, and the beds were all pushed to each corner of the room so that each occupant had their own “corner”. Two of the beds were meant for couples and were placed together in one corner. There were designated closet storage, hangers and locks for each bed and even a central little table and funky chairs for us to hang around. I loved how the furniture was creatively “recycled” and used for their purposes.

The toilets were also extremely clean and spacious with standing rain showers (in a hostel)! Fresh clean towels, soap/shampoo (in a nicely personalized bottle), a hairdryer and magazines were also provided. On top of the in-room facilities, wi-fi is also included free-of-charge.

The Superbude St. Pauli Hostel/Hotel also provides private accommodations for families/couples and other people who are not into shared accommodations. There is also another Superbude Hostel in Hamburg, which is the Superbude St. Georg Hostel/Hotel.