Sleep in Dublin:
Generator Hostel

Generator Hostels is a hostel chain that’s pretty well-known in the hostel travel world with locations in plenty of European cities (and even coming soon in Miami). They are famous for their consistency in standards, creative and modern interior design and a well-rounded hostel that’s usually packed with good community space for both work, leisure, and party. This time round, we’re headed to the generator hostel in Dublin.

As always, generator hostels always find the prime spots in being rather centrally located and it’s no difference for this one. Located next to the Smithfield LUAS tram station, it’s easy to get around Dublin from the hostel. If you’re not up for getting around too far, the famous Old Jameson Distillery is also right next door. Followed by the Dublin Castle and Guinness Storehouse, which is just a 10-minute walk away. If that’s not enough alcohol, the hostel itself houses their own bar. If that’s still not enough alcohol, hop on the tram for two stops and into Temple Bar – Dublin’s famous and liveliest drinking/nightlife hotspot for your fill of Irish bars and whatnot. That should be enough alcohol.

Back to the hostel itself. While the general interior decor of the hostel looks pretty funky and nicely designed, the rooms itself seems to lack in comparison to the public areas. Although, that’s mostly just in terms of design as the rooms itself are clean and necessities are always provided for a good night’s rest. Do take note that this hostel doesn’t have a kitchen so it’s not that ideal for travelers looking to cook their own meals. Although, they do have their own cafe and there are a couple of restaurants and eateries within the vicinity.

All in all, this hostel is a good option for those that prefer staying in bigger hostels and not be pressurized into socializing (which could happen in smaller hostels), but yet have the option to get drunk in-house and perhaps, would then like to try making a friend after a drink or two. Probably due to the large complex, generator hostel is also an ideal hostel to get a good night’s stay as you’re unlikely to be interrupted by the noise from the public areas.

Generator hostel Dublin also provide private accommodation for up to 8 people so single travelers, couples, and even large families have the option to book a private stay here at the hostel.