Relax in Bangkok:
Su Esthetic Home Spa

Visiting a massage/spa parlor is always a must-do whenever I’m in Bangkok because it is more affordable (and almost always better) than what I can find anywhere else. However, I’m usually too lazy to find a new massage place so I always returned to the commercialized massage places.

Not knowing better, I thought the commercialized places were the best until I decided to be a bit more adventurous and hopped on Tripadvisor to see if I can find something different from the usuals. After reading a lot of reviews, I decided to give Su Esthetic Home Spa a try and it turned out to be a pleasant surprise.

Su Esthetic Home Spa

Su Esthetic Home Spa brands itself to be a cosy boutique spa operating out of its charming old house that specializes in Korean-style spa treatments. Location-wise, it’s in a small, quiet lane about 10 – 15 minutes walk from the Phrom Phong BTS Station. We had no problem finding the place (except that we were perspiring under the sweltering weather) since we had GPS on our phones.

Upon arrival, we were warmly greeted and invited to tea to relax a bit before starting our treatments. The staff at Su Esthetic were sincere and friendly, which makes a lot of difference to the whole experience as compared to places where staff simply operate with a monotonous attitude of getting into work.

Spa and massage treatments are huge forms of relaxation. These treatments are often very intimate and sensitive since they involve a lot of hand to body touches. Therefore, I believe that the experiences before and after the treatment itself are also very important as tiny details may trigger negative moods that might affect guests resulting in bad experiences.

Signature Face & Body Massage

We went for the Signature Face & Body Massage which is priced at an affordable 1000 baht for a 1.5 hours treatment. To begin, the staff led us to our room, which was dimly lit with ambient music playing in the background, where we were given some time to take a shower since we perspired quite a bit before arriving.

When my treatment started, my therapist was very dedicated and questioned if the pressure she was putting was comfortable for me and whether I was hurting before she continued. During my facial, she also constantly made sure that I was in the most comfortable position throughout.

I could also tell that the therapists are very skilled and organized since they knew exactly what to do, how to do and even how to multi-task to keep the entire treatment within 1.5 hours without making guests feel rushed. If anything, I was in complete relaxation mode.


At the spa and on the website, you might see notes reminding guests to provide tips for the therapists should they feel that the therapists did well and even the recommended amount of tips to provide. That being said, the therapists were not pushy at all. They weren’t waiting around nor were they asking for it so that definitely adds peace to the experience (which also makes us feel happier to provide the tips without pressure).

Also, there were some products being sold on the shelves but there were no hard-selling whatsoever. It was simply just a very nice, warm, intimate experience.

If you do find yourself heading over to this spa, do take note that since it’s a rather small home spa, it’s probably better to call in advance to make an appointment before turning up just to ensure that you’ll get the treatment at the time slot that you like.