Take Me To:
Venice, Italy

Venice needs no introduction and is probably on most people’s bucket list in some ways or another and it’s definitely no secret why. Despite a history that dates back to six hundred years ago, this water city still retains most of its romantic charms.

In this age of industrialisation and commercialization in most cities, it’s sometimes hard to imagine that beautiful sanctuaries such as Venice still exists. While this city is probably not the best one to visit to have a taste of the lives of the locals since it’s heavily crowded with tourists (especially during summer) most of the time and that most businesses tend to be targeted at tourists, it is still incredible to be able to travel to such a heavily crowded city and yet, still being able to have a sense of peace and quietness.

Due to the city being connected by canals and linked by bridges for walking everywhere, there is no leeway for cars and heavy vehicles and that simply translate to no noise pollution. No honking and no loud car engines. Sure, some ferries and boats make some noise when out in the bigger sea but since most canals are narrowly connected, the gondolas move around at a slower pace and all you hear are the calming sound of the water.

If the number of tourists is the thing that scares you off, fret not. The city of Venice is a labyrinth of little streets. You don’t have to worry about getting lost because, in some ways or another, you’ll always end up on the main street where everyone else gathers. Therefore, I think it’s wonderful that from time to time, you get to be lost in secluded little alleys own your little seven minutes of heaven.

My friend and I were travelling through Italy as a part of our backpacking trip and we decided to make a pit stop at Venice before heading down south. Ideally, we wanted to get in and stay for at least half a day before moving on but due to the sold out trains going in/out of Venice, we ended up only having around two hours in Venice before having to take the train out again, so it was literally a marathon  carrying a rock on our shoulders while making sure that we see the most from that two hours.

While I definitely digested a lot of sights and sound, it was probably the most horrible leg of my backpacking journey because of the rush, the run and the weight. I was on the verge of breaking down and crying when we were rushing to get back to the train station from the Piazza San Marco (the city’s main public square) and almost missing our train.

It was, however, a nice train journey riding through the waters and arriving at the Venezia Santa Lucia train station whereby it’s easy to go by foot to anywhere else within the city. Remember to bring your camera along as every photo taken in Venice tend to look like a beautiful postcard!

Since I barely had any proper time to soak in the complete Venice wonder, all I can say is that I definitely need to visit Venice again and take my time to enjoy this peaceful, yet buzzing water city.