Take Me To:
Yaowarat Road, Bangkok

Bangkok’s Chinatown basically takes up only one main street but despite its seemingly small area, it offers something very different from other parts of Bangkok. A walk down the street could briefly make you forget that you’re in Bangkok but in Hong Kong due to the huge signage and neon lighting everywhere. You’ll also notice that the food (mostly road-side stalls) sold here is not exactly the same in most other streets of Bangkok (not that I know of). The only downside of this location is that there isn’t really a BTS station nearby. The nearest public train station is Hua Lumpong MRT station or Bangkok railway station.

Besides some good quality Chinese restaurants and shops selling Chinese herbs and spices, this place is known for good and affordable Shark’s Fin and Bird’s Nest Soup. The Shark Fin’s soup is always freshly boiled and served hot, so that was pretty awesome.

For some reason, all the street owners seem to have decided on a market rate for the Shark’s Fin/Bird’s Nest soup since they all sell them at pretty much the same price. For the Bird’s Nest soup, you could usually choose from a hot or cold choice. Honestly, I was kind of expecting an imitation Shark’s Fin Soup and even an artificial Bird’s Nest soup instead since they were so affordable but I think I was wrong.

If Shark Fins and Bird Nests are not your cups of tea, there are also a couple of other (usually Chinese cuisine) food options such as seafood and “Tze Char“. Even if you’re not up for some gourmet adventure, a walk down Bangkok’s Chinatown is sure to add some colors to your trip.