Sleep in Copenhagen:
Wakeup Copenhagen, Carsten Niebuhrs Gade

Denmark is known for a lot of things including its design style, which is usually a combination of functionalism and simplicity. Another well-known fact about the country is that it’s not cheap, especially Copenhagen. A trip to Copenhagen can easily burn a hole in the pocket thanks to the expensive prices in almost everything. Even the Danes know it themselves.

With that, Wakeup Copenhagen is created to put make those two concepts go together so that visitors can get a taste of Danish modern-style living at a lower cost.


Built by the famous Danish architect Kim Utzon, Wakeup Copenhagen is branded as a cool, modern and budget hotel located in Copenhagen’s city centre. The hotel group actually built two Wakeup Copenhagen with one (Borgergade) located nearer to the city centre and the other one (Carsten Niebuhrs Gade) nearer to the train station and Tivoli. Regardless of the one you pick, you’ll still be centrally located in Copenhagen, which is a plus since hotels in the city centre can be pretty expensive.

To go in line with the Danish design style of being simplistic yet functional, both the hotel’s exterior and public areas look really modern and clean, which does not look like a budget hotel at all. On top of that, the hotel is also functional in the sense that it’s not just a good looking hotel but also one that’s environmentally-conscious with active efforts in reducing CO2 emissions and energy-saving among other things.

Wakeup Sky

The hotel has five different types of rooms with the first three types (Wakeup Standard, Wakeup Sky, Wakeup Heaven) being rather similar in terms of size and layout. They seem to only differ in price by the floors they are in. Therefore, a guest could pay more for a higher floor and in return get a nicer view of the city. We stayed at the Wakeup Sky room but frankly, I don’t think it would have been that much different being a few floors lower.

The other two types of rooms are Wakeup Large and Wakeup Family which are catered to bigger groups and families.

The room itself is rather small but is still spacious enough to accommodate up to two or three people thanks to the good spatial design. The beds are pushed to the end of the window and therefore, no wastage of one bedside space. The other furniture is all either placed against the wall or that they are foldable, making more way for walking within the room. Also, all rooms come with a flat-screen TV.

The bathroom is nicely integrated into the room and doesn’t feel like it takes up too much space. Of course, one has to have a realistic expectation of the bathroom’s size. Although, in all honesty, I think that’s pretty much all the space a person needs in a bathroom. One thing to note about the showers, it might be a bit awkward for non-couples since it’s a pretty see-through shower.

Regarding the bathroom amenities, I thought it was a bit upsetting to get only two tiny packs of 2-in-1 hair and body soap since it was quite rough on the hair. Well, I guess as a way to stay budget, the hotel had to find something to scrimp on (including the packaging design of the soap).

Other Facilities

Considering Wakeup Copenhagen to be a budget hotel, the hotel actually has a lot of features and facilities such as a business centre, bicycle rentals, breakfast restaurants and a lobby stocked full with drinks, sandwiches and other snacks.

I can understand how the hotel is able to work on being a budget hotel because what you get in the room is basically what you really need for a good night’s stay. That’s not to say that it wouldn’t be a good experience but just that the hotel cuts out all the fluff and extra features. However, they are all still available if any guests want them… at an extra cost. To be honest, I actually like a system like that because you’re really only paying for what you absolutely need. One other notable thing about the hotel is that they have a swift express check-in/check-out system which really speeds up the process.

The Vibe

As a modern, well-designed and yet budget hotel, Wakeup Copenhagen seems to attract a wide variety of crowd including those that are into modern-looking accommodation, budget travellers and also families.

Also, with 510 rooms, the lobby and public areas can get a little busy with people walking in and out, up and down all the time. Although, when we were in our room, it was still relatively quiet from within the building and we were still able to have a quiet night’s sleep. In fact, most of the sound came from outside the hotel which was pretty much unavoidable since it was New Year’s day and we were in the heart of the city.